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International Hockey Camps and Hockey Tournaments
for Men, Women, Boys & Girls
International Hockey Camps and Hockey Tournaments for Men, Women, Boys & Girls
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March 24, 2014
Kelowna, BC
For this weeks destination I’m going to take a closer look at another CHE tournament and camp destination; Kelowna, BC.  A hugely popular vacation destination in the summer...more
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April 17, 2014
CHE is commited to hockey

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March 7, 2014 2014 February Draw Winners!!!!
See if you Won!!!!!
2014 February Draw Winners  

1st GRAND Prize - Free Tournament Entry to Las Vegas, Phoenix or Florida in 2014 or 2015  
Rhonda Tottle - Call When UR Sober - Niagara Falls 2  

2nd Prize - Team Rep gets a FREE tournament package  
Brian Joyes - Clavet Farm Team - Las Vegas 3
Stacey Solman – Fireball - Montreal 2
Andrew Kennedy - Black Gold Militia - Banff 3  

3rd Prize - Team Rep receives $100.00 cash voucher  
Erin Scott - Black 'n Blues - Phoenix
Mike O'Neill - Candiac Crusaders - Lake Placid 2
Claude Bourck - Backslow Presenters Plumbing Ltd. - Florida
Colin Ferster - Bacardi Blues - Banff 5
Adam Fearnside - Ice Men - Banff 3
Mike Donovan – Stampeders - Vancouver
Faye Brett - 50 Blades of Grey - Quebec City
Peter Hiebert - Victoria Local Hawks - Vancouver
Jennifer Lynn - Poker Face - Lake Placid 2
Mike Di Salvo – Moose - Kelowna 2  

4th Prize - Team Rep receives CHE Gift  
Mike Moore - Airdrie Wings - Banff 3
Chris McCann - McCann Oldtimers - Montreal 2
Daniel Lessard - DCL Drywall - Las Vegas 4
Theresa Johnson - Grimshaw Hustlers - Banff 4
Cass Johnson - Breton Riggers - Banff 4
Colleen Sawatzky - Hot Flashes - Banff 4
Chris Malmberg - Precision Drilling - Montreal 3
Mike Berg - Itchy Beavers - Banff 5
Dave Reich - Mech E Moose - Las Vegas 3
Ryan Piche - Espanola Eskimos - Las Vegas 2
Greg Beeds - Kamloops Bisons - Kelowna 2
Gavin Tanner - Mt. Brydges - Niagara Falls 2
Christian Guimond - Les Bouffons - Lake Placid 2
Theresa Moore - Delaware Bobcats 1 - Lake Placid 2
Mitch Bosse - Seattle Roguerunners - Las Vegas 4
Rick Cerilli - Old Snappers - Las Vegas 3
Ian Graydon - Sunderland Classics - Niagara Falls 2
Dave MacLeod - East York - Montreal 4
Edward Frantik - Battleford 50's - Las Vegas 2
Jason Fox - Ruff Rhinos - Niagara Falls 1
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December 17, 2013 2013 Early Bird Draw Winners
Congratualtions to all winners in this year's Early Bird Registration Draw!!!
1st GRAND PRIZE - Free Tournament Entry to Las Vegas, Phoenix, Florida, Chicago, Atlantic City, Kelowna, Whistler, Niagara Falls or London in 2014 or 2015

Doug Bladon - Calgary Wolfpack - Phoenix                           

2nd Prize - Team Rep gets a FREE tournament package       

David Simmill – Devils - Phoenix               
Carla Bengle-Mackey - Messa Mustangs - Lake Placid 1                 
Greg Slater - Camrose Hot Wings - Montreal 2                   

3rd Prize - Team Rep receives $100.00 cash voucher

Mike Anderson – Scouts - Lake Placid 1                 
Diego Restrepo - Flying Bulies - Lake Placid 1                      
Dan Pagely - Allstar Oilfields - Jasper                      
Joseph Churgin - Terminal Hockey - Lake Placid 2                             
Tim Kelly – Taleo - Las Vegas 4                   
David Martel - St-Leonard - Las Vegas 2                
Jordan Irwin - Weyburn Oil Queens - Las Vegas 3                             
Scott Colmyer - Frederick Force - Montreal 4                      
Stephanie Metzger - Bancroft Aecon Team - Niagara Falls 2                         
David Smith - Hawg Farmers - Florida                     

4th Prize - Team Rep receives CHE Gift

Aaron Ames - Spokane Police/Fire - Las Vegas 5               
Allen Malcolm – Northstars - Montreal 3                              
Andrew Comission – Pinecones - Ottawa                             
Nicholas St. Ours - Team Pink - Lake Placid 1                       
Dickie Mistaken Chief - Inuvik DD's - Las Vegas 3                               
Phil Monroe - Team Ramrod - Mont-Tremblant                
Richard Juneau - The Dawgs - Montreal 2                             
Felix Critch - Wabush Caribooze - Montreal 4                     
Colin Murphy - Liquor Falcons - London                
Kevin Copeman - Tim Horton's - Niagara Falls 2                  
Chris Endsley - Silver Bullets - Las Vegas 3                            
Jim Nichols - Classic Oilfield Services - Banff 3                     
Jonathan Martin – JMHockey - Quebec City                        
Justin Thoelke – Vermonsters - Lake Placid 1                      
Ken Rozniak - Airdrie Vapors - Banff 3                    
Steve Gonsalves - Direct Plumbing - Montreal 3                
Sue Gibson – SOS - Lake Placid 1                              
Kevin Frith - Rusty Rebels - Las Vegas 2                 
Lise Gillis - Team Lachance - Lake Placid 1                             
Marie Leeder - Jager Bombs - Lake Placid 1                         
Marty Muldoon - Bytown Blast - Lake Placid 1                    
Tom Hunt - Brass Taps - Niagara Falls 2                  
Tom Adkins - Calgary MRA - Las Vegas 3               
Trevor VanAlstine - Eager Beavers - Montreal 2                
Warren Bouchie - Pic River Sharks - Las Vegas 5
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October 22, 2013 CHE Introduces a CHE Rewards program
Now receive a CHE Rewards card at your 2013-2014 Adult Tournament locations and redeem local discounts for the duration of your tournament.

View PDF for more information
October 4, 2013 Former CHE Camper Heads to US National Development Program
He is a local hero in the Columbus (Ohio) Hockey Association and someone future players will look to for guidance. After all, Jack Roslovic enters the season as the first player born and raised in central Ohio to play for USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program. original article
He is a local hero in the Columbus (Ohio) Hockey Association and someone future players will look to for guidance. After all, Jack Roslovic enters the season as the first player born and raised in central Ohio to play for USA Hockey’s National Team Development Program.He can only thank his next-door neighbors for his start in hockey.“My neighbors got me interested in hockey,” explained Roslovic, who was born in 1997. “Their kids were close to me. Their family was amazing. They had two kids [born in 1993 and in 1995]. We played in their backyard for countless hours. I think I went over to their house for at least 20 minutes a day for a year.

#48 Jack Roslovic (Photo by Dave Reginek)
“I remember just playing out there. It would be 4 p.m. when I strapped on the Rollerblades, and when it got to 7, my mom would be furious. They had a gated area and it was street hockey, and I would be out there until 11 [when I could]. My mom would have to come over and scream at us. From her bedroom window, she could see and hear us. She could hear us having fun and hear if someone got hurt. She noticed everything.”The backyard games turned into official games on the ice rink, and Roslovic spent the last five seasons playing in the Ohio Blue Jackets organization. He received the call to join the NTDP following the tryout camp this past April. As soon as he received the call, his emotions were running wild.“I was thinking about all the things that I came through, where I started and where I am now, how I got it,” he said. “The experiences I had, the road that I went through, it really all kicked it. Hopefully this will not be the last spot I am [at in hockey].”His dad John gave him some words of advice for his hockey career.“The thing he always says is do what you want to do,” Roslovic said. “Find a hobby that you want to do and run with it. If you don’t like it, then find another one.”On Aug. 26, the 6-foot, 167-pound forward arrived in Ann Arbor, Mich. for his first season with the red, white and blue. His mom Jane provided some words of wisdom before he left home.“My mom always said it’s like you are going to camp,” he said. “It’s been a while since I left, but I’m so occupied that it has gone by unbelievably fast. You realize how fast it goes by with practice every day, school every day and having fun with the boys. It just flies by.”Plus, the training, both on and off the ice, keeps him busy. He is learning how to become a more complete player.“On ice, I have never played any type of hockey like it,” he said. “Columbus is great, but the competition here is what they say it is. It is the best 97s in the country playing for one team.“I have great speed for the most part. It’s [about learning] patience and slowing down my speed a little bit to make better plays and keep my head up. Defense is just huge. I came in here really strong because my trainer at home, he was a well-educated trainer. The off-ice training is max; it’s just huge.”One of his early highlights from preseason camp was when former NTDP blueliner and current Columbus Blue Jackets defenseman Jack Johnson (Faribault, Minn./2003-05) came to speak to the team.“He was talking about loving it here — every single second of it, the ups and downs,” Roslovic recalled. “He said he loved the downs and loved the ups even more. He was really positive and upbeat. He’s an NHLer, so we obviously look up to him, and it was fun to hear his point of view and perspective.”Nothing could prepare Roslovic for the first time he saw the USA jerseys hanging up in the stalls when he walked into the locker room before the home opener on Sept. 13. As he slipped the sweater over his head, chills just came over him.“It was just a huge honor,” he said. “Seeing that made me pretty speechless. I was asking my friends — would it be weird to take a picture? You can’t even describe it. It’s the greatest feeling, just looking at it and realizing it’s your own jersey with USA on it.“When I looked down at it, I had the chills. I had the chills basically from putting it on to the national anthem and throughout the entire game. It was a great atmosphere and I had a lot of friends there.”
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September 23, 2013 15 Year Old Article Still Rings True Today!
Steve Simmons re-issued an article he wrote 15 years ago while coaching his sons house league hockey team that still holds water 15 years later.  Click here to read the full peice
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