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International Hockey Camps and Hockey Tournaments
for Men, Women, Boys & Girls
Peterborough, Ontario
December 27, 28 & 31, 2018
Specialized Power Skating, Goal scoring & Puck Control Program
CHE prides itself on innovative programs, instruction from top notch professionals, at a competitive price for everyone!

Power Skating, Goal Scoring, Puck Control Program 
For both Forwards & Defence 
For Boys and Girls Ages 5 - 12

Features Brochure
Program features:

December 27, 28 & 31, 2018

2 hours Daily 3 - Day Program 5 Instructors on ice

Specialized Power Skating
  • Develop proper forward & backward stride and agility
  • Specific forward & backwards edge work
  • Using both edges and learning how to attack the net
  • Developing quick speed and power stride
  • Utilizing upper body for better balance
  • Build power using resistance cords and parachutes

Specialized Goal Scoring
  • Develop stick speed and one-time shot
  • Develop off-balance shot
  • When to shoot, when to deke
  • Develop all shots - ­ wrist, snap, backhand, slapshot
  • Develop proper positioning for goal scoring
  • Point shots and tip-ins

Specialized Puck Control
  • Develop stick fakes
  • Develop quick stick handling
  • Develop skill of finding open ice
  • Develop feet as part of puck control
  • Learn "curl and drag" skill with stick
  • Learn the power of peripheral vision
  • Develop puck control while skating backwards and pivoting

Special Equipment
  • Lead Pucks
  • Control Boards
  • Resistance cords for skating
  • Parachute Training
  • Boni Shooting Machine
  • Pass-Master

2018 Cost: $125.00 + $16.25 (H.S.T) = $141.25 


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